Meet the Experts - Sam

We're kicking off a new series - Meet the Experts. We're proud of our team and the incredible knowledge and skills they put to use helping you WIN your campaign or public policy battle.

You've likely worked with these experts before, but we want to introduce them to you and share some of their knowledge with you. 
Meet Sam! When it comes to all things data, Sam is the expert. There are many things that set CHQ apart from most phone and text vendors and data is one of them. There is a lot that goes into managing your lists from project to project and helping you use the information you receive effectively. 

Our persistent, knowledgeable, and productive campaign representatives can (and do) provide the margin of victory.

Here are a few key tips from CHQ expert Sam: 

Your tracker is an aggregation of the calls or texts that were made by CampaignHQ. If you ever need help understanding your trackers, reach out to our data team. 


By using CampaignHQ to help manage your data you can be assured that your data is in the hands of political experts. We can provide a different perspective on your data and how we can assist you on your next project.


We have the capability to manage your program from start to finish. From one project to the next, we can remove early voters, wrong numbers, non-supporters, etc. We can also aggregate and segment your ID'ed supporters or undecided voters for targeted messaging. 


The team at CampaignHQ team is hard working, reliable, and extraordinary at what they do. They truly are experts in politics.

With decades of experience, we know what it takes to win, lead successful campaigns, move voters, and deliver your message.