Caucus Webinar Series

Join us!

While the dust is still settling on Election Day 2020, we know there are a handful of important races across the country that are still waiting to be decided. However, for election strategists, political professionals and campaign consultants, it's a good time for a look back on this past cycle. 

Our friends at Campaigns & Elections  are facilitating a webinar series, beginning today, Thursday, Dec. 3rd, that will help us do just that.

According to Campaigns & Elections, "these virtual conversations will feature political professionals from core sectors of the campaign industry. Each caucus will be led by industry professionals with individual conversations for Republican campaigners. These events will explore what worked in 2020, what didn’t, and where we go from here."

CampaignHQ is excited to be sponsoring this series and look forward to participating and taking away new insights as we look to future cycles.

Additionally, I am one of the panelists on today's series. Stay tuned for a recap of today's panel!

I hope you'll join us and invite your friends.