It's Not Too Late for Advocacy Calls

Are you feeling stressed? 

We'll give you a "factory guarantee" that we can help. It's time to make some sales calls. 

We're here to help you WIN your election. It's not too late for Advocacy Calls.
Don’t assume that everyone has decided for whom they will cast their ballot. Don’t assume that a call from your opponent might not change a voter who was with you to a hesitant voter; one who will stay home.

Persuasion calls, also known as advocacy callspresent your candidate’s case, or they might be used to explain why your opponent is a bad choice.

CampaignHQ can help you create a script that persuades each voter’s answers in a unique way. The undecided voter needs a different message than one who is already with you!
In the run up to Election Day next week, remember we're here for you, no matter what may come up. 

Give me a call at (888) 722-4704 and let’s get across the finish line together