Small Budget Huge Impact

Senior Voters Have (And USE) Landline Phones


 This is Marlys Popma, Senior Campaign Director here at CampaignHQ. I often speak with Campaign Managers who believe robocalls are no longer a viable option to reach Senior Citizens, the voters most likely to cast a ballot in their election.

If you do not take the opportunity to reach Senior voters on their landline phones, particularly using AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE recorded messages, you are leaving votes on the table. In a close race, this can be the margin between victory and defeat.

Seniors Still Use Landline Phones:

  • AARP reports that 64.2% of those 18-24 have only wireless phones and 63.9% of those 34-44 have wireless phones only. But when you jump to those 45-64 we find that 52.9% have landline phones and 76.1% of those 65 or older still utilize their land line phone.

Seniors Vote:

  • AARP reports that 45% of the electorate was 50 or older in 2016. 30% were 50-65 and 15% were 65 plus

Automated Calls Are Cost Effective:

  • When calculating a call at 5¢ per record and a 60% connect rate, the cost per impression would be approximately 8.5¢. However, depending on the size of your list and the length of your message, your cost could be as low as 3¢ per record. 
    • This cost includes having our professional staff edit your sound file to remove background noise, pauses, and more. We can even include background music!

Seniors Listen to Automated Calls:

  • Co-founder of Stone’s phones, Marty Stones (Democrat), says that men will listen to about 10 seconds of a call, women 17-18 seconds, but a senior will typically give you 30 seconds or more.

CampaignHQ can help you send an automated call that not only delivers your message, but also engages your audience. If you are a campaign with a small budgetand would like to gather data on your support, automated calls are for you. If you are a large campaign and in need of a quick and effective way to see where you standan automated survey is your best option!

Here is an example of a straight GOTV automated call:

Listen Here

Here is an example of a data collection call:

Listen Here

Once your automated survey is completed, you will receive a detailed report from CampaignHQ and a complete return of your data. You’ll not only see the toplines of your performance, you’ll know how every single respondent answered your questions. 

Please give us a call if you are looking for a quick, efficient, and cost effective way to inform and gauge support for your campaign! 888-722-4704