Patch Through Calls

How do politicians get away with it?

If you have ever wondered why politicians can campaign one way on an issue, and then vote exactly the opposite, the answer is simple. Voters stopped paying attention.

Understandably, GOP voters are frustrated when the Republicans they supported vote for a tax increase, more regulation on private enterprise, or even a pro-abortion judge.

Here at CampaignHQ, we take great pride in helping to elect candidates and then holding them accountable once they are in office.

One of the best ways to apply significant pressure to politicians on both sides of the aisle is with patch through calls.
What's more - with the recent COVID-19 situation, organizations across the country have cancelled D.C. fly-ins, meetings with Congress, lobby events and more. At the same time, policymakers are still meeting and outlining legislation and plans to spend billions of taxpayer dollars. 

CampaignHQ can help your organization still reach elected officials, making your position known and your voice heard with patch through calls, spreading your message and not germs.
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Marlys Popma, Senior Campaign Director at CHQ, discusses the impact Patch Through calls can have on your efforts.

Here's how it works: We call a list of voters who are likely to support your cause. We educate them about the issue and if they agree, ask them to take action by transferring their call to express their opinions directly to their lawmaker’s office.

In order to ask your audience to either support or oppose legislation, you must first educate. If your audience is unaware of pending legislation, they are effectively muzzled. Only through education and activation can a citizen fully be empowered.

"Nothing motivates a politician quite like a concerned call from a constituent. We inform a targeted list of citizens about your issue and connect them directly to their elected official's office. If you need something to pass (or fail) in Congress or the state capitol, patch through calls are for you."

Patch through calls are the best way to connect constituents to their elected official. No elected official can ignore a barrage of constituent calls.  We the people do the electing, so patch through calls make an impact both on public policy AND upcoming elections.
Let CHQ help you draft the script, pull a list, and plan a schedule to ensure that your patch through project is as successful as possible! 

Although CampaignHQ spends considerable time assisting in the election of conservative candidates, we are equally motivated by efforts to hold those who hold office accountable to their constituents.
Campaign, election, 24 hours to election day, CampaignHQ, get out the vote, phone calls, peer to peer texting, robocalls, advocacy, voter ID
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