Listen to a sample patch through call. CampaignHQ live Patch Through calls are a proven effective way to quickly mobilize voters to express their support or opposition to pending legislation. In fact, we've been awarded the prestigious AAPC "Pollie Award" for live patch through calls two years in a row!

Step 1: Call To Action

Our trained campaign representatives call a targeted list of voters who are likely to support your cause. We quickly explain the issue at hand, the urgency of the situation, and the need for immediate action.

Step 2: Educate

When the voter agrees to speak with their elected official’s office, we carefully explain the best way to deliver your message and the process by which they will be transferred.

Step 3: Connect

Your voter is connected directly to the elected official’s office, at no cost to the voter. In their own words, they share their point of view and urge the elected official to vote the right way on the issue at hand.

Because we charge by the successful transfer, Patch Through calls are easy to fit into your budget. You simply set a targeted number of transfers per elected official, per day. We do the rest! CampaignHQ has helped conservative organizations make an impact at the city, county, state, and national levels. Whether it's promoting economic development at the local level, defeating a state tax increase, or fighting the federal government takeover of healthcare, you can count on us for creative, effective constituent advocacy.

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It's our mission at CampaignHQ to ensure that your message is not simply delivered ... it is truly heard! We can help identify and mobilize influencers, the key leaders whose opinions matter most to your targets.

The experienced team at CampaignHQ understands how to speak with high level, knowledgeable constituents. We take pride in explaining your issue, interacting with voters, and recruiting them to join your cause.

We can recruit influencers to sign letters, make personal contacts, or attend meetings.

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click here to listen to a sample membership drive and petition call A vibrant, growing membership base is the key to success in every organization. Making the right ask, at the right time, and with the right information, is vital to success.

Telephone Petition Drives quickly rally new members around a specific issue, and make a big impact when thousands of signatures are delivered to an elected leader.

This is an exceptionally effective and cost-efficient way to gather email addresses and recruit volunteers quickly, an especially useful tool when starting up a grassroots organization on short notice.

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