Our Family

Every member of our management team brings something unique to the table. We are a group of passionate people, well-trained to communicate your message over the phone, in person, and via social media, to produce amazing results.

Nicole Schlinger, President
Nicole Schlinger, President

Nicole Schlinger, "The Owner" is the President of CampaignHQ. Since founding the company in 1999, she has become one of the nation's leading experts in grassroots mobilization, persuasion, and high quality telephone voter contact. Nicole is also the most prolific fundraiser in Iowa Republican history having raised over 50 million dollars for conservative candidates and causes.

Under her leadership, CampaignHQ has delivered millions of effective telephone fundraising, voter ID, persuasion, advocacy, patch through calls, and GOTV for winning campaigns from City Council to U.S. Senate, and has successfully mobilized support for the passage or defeat of legislation at the local, state, and national levels.

Campaign & Elections magazine has twice named Nicole one of top political influencers in Iowa and describe her simply as someone who “knows how to make it rain for conservative candidates”. Nicole was also listed on the Des Moines Register's “50 most wanted” list and the Washington Post's "Fix Top 6" Iowa operatives.

Favorite quote: “I’m going to succeed. The only question is whether or not you are coming along for the ride.”
Chad Foster, Vice President
Chad Foster, Vice President

Chad, "The Motivator" serves as the Vice President of Communications for CampaignHQ and is celebrating his 12th anniversary with the company this year. Chad is responsible for recruiting, motivating, and training our amazing team of campaign representatives, encouraging them to achieve excellence on every call.

Chad has over 16 years of telemarketing, professional fundraising, and sales experience which helps him quickly identify and solve problems and make every project as successful as possible. Chad maintains that positive thinking is integral to success and has an incredible attention to detail. He also believes that creating a fun work environment is an essential part of a winning operation.

When not at Capitol Resources Chad enjoys spending time with his family, wife Hannah, son Jax and daughter Brynley. Some of Chad’s hobbies include fantasy football and collecting anything Superman, playing video games, riding all-terrain vehicles, rock hunting, gardening with father, playing softball and cooking for his family.

Favorite Quote: “We speak awesome.”
Marlys Popma, Campaign Director
Marlys Popma, Campaign Director

Marlys, "The Culture Keeper" serves as the Campaign Director for CampaignHQ. Marlys is a 25 year veteran of Iowa politics and is among the nation’s most experienced and respected social conservative organizers. Her vast political experience helps our clients effectively plan and organize their advocacy, persuasion, and voter turnout efforts.

Publications such as the Washington Post, The National Journal, and the Des Moines Register have frequently listed Marlys as of the top GOP operatives in the nation.

Marlys currently serves as the President for Iowa Right to Life, the largest pro-life organization in the state of Iowa, and the Iowa affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee.

In 2008, Marlys was the National Coordinator of Evangelical and Social Conservative Outreach for John McCain’s Presidential campaign.

Favorite Quote: “There is nothing politically right that is morally wrong.” -Daniel O’Connor
Melissa Gesing, Organization Director
Melissa Gesing, Organization Director

Melissa Gesing, "The Enforcer" joined CampaignHQ as Organization Director in August 2014. Melissa first became active in politics while attending Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa.  During the summer of 1999, Melissa was Field Director for the Elizabeth Dole for President campaign and organized central Iowa for the historic Iowa Straw Poll in Ames that year.

Following her graduation from Simpson College in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Melissa worked on various campaigns and then for the Republican Party of Iowa during the 2003-2004 election cycle. Melissa also worked for three years in various capacities at Victory Enterprises, a political consulting and marketing firm based in Davenport, Iowa.

Melissa has been a member of the Iowa Federation of Republican Women since 1999 and is currently serving as the organization's 2nd Vice President, chairing the Communications and Membership committees.#

Favorite Quote: "Ideas without action are worthless." - Helen Keller
Martha “Waffles” Lang, Chief Canine Officer
Martha “Waffles” Lang, Chief Canine Officer

Martha Waffles Lang joined CampaignHQ as Chief Canine Officer in November, 2011. Her duties include welcoming visitors, sniffing packages, and providing moral support to the CHQ team. In her spare time, Waffles enjoys chasing toys, chewing bones, and going on walks. Her favorite food is peanut butter.

Favorite Quote: "Woof"
Paul Brown, Chief Information Officer
Paul Brown, Chief Information Officer

Paul Brown, "The Genius" serves as the Chief Information Officer for Campaign Headquarters. Joining Campaign Headquarters in 2011, Paul has since taught himself visual basic programming in order to create custom software tools now utilized throughout the company.

Charged with the task of improving the data systems, Paul is continually creating new and more efficient solutions to provide the most accurate data to our clients. 

Paul received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Grinnell College.

Favorite Quote: "Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." –Albert Einstein
Angie Lamb
Data Director

Angie serves as our data director providing clients with daily updates and oversees our mail production. Additionally, she performs regular database management and data preparation.

Christie Jack
Office Manager

Christie joined CampaignHQ in 2014. She is responsible for maintaining our professional fundraising licenses in the states that require it, as well as keeping financial records, payroll, personnel filings up to date.

John Buckley
Lead Supervisor

As our longest tenured supervisor in our flagship location, John ensures each client's calling program runs smoothly throughout the day. He also assists with monitoring and training, with a special focus on introducing new projects to our seasoned veterans and Elite Calling team.

Staci Kriegel
Lead Supervisor

Stacie is our lead supervisor in our Oskaloosa location and is serves as an phenomenal example to what hard work can achieve. Staci started as a caller and worked her way up to leading our newest call center.

Trevor Dodds
Call Floor Supervisor

Trevor has been a staple of CampaignHQ for five years. His committment to excellence is second to none in our office. Each day he works to train our campaign representatives to bring excellence to our brand.

Megan Jensen
Call Floor Supervisor

Our newest supervisor, Megan brings years of calling experience to our management team. She also works to train our campaign representatives each day with new projects to make sure that our quality is of the highest caliber. She resides at our Oskaloosa location.

Percy Power Gesing
Deputy Canine Officer

Percy joined CampaignHQ in August 2014. His duties include making call floor rounds to motivate our campaign representatives, welcoming our new hires, and assisting with team development. In his spare time, Percy enjoys car rides, cozy laps, and long walks. His favorite foods are cheese, carrots, and peanut butter.